The Town of Concord is more restrictive than Jefferson County on land splits in non-prime soil areas.

For information on land use in the Hamlet (near Hwy F and I-94) click here.

Residential land use (such as lot splits):

If you are considering a rezoning request you would be wise to start with the Concord town planning committee before going to the county to see if your split will be allowed by the town. Concord allows only two residential lots split from parcels in non-prime soil areas where the county will often allow three. Both the county and the town must approve your request before your land will be rezoned. Since the town is more restrictive than the county, you don't want to have your preliminary survey done and pay the county the non-refundable fee only to find that more land splits are not allowed by the town.
Contact the Concord Planning Committee secretary and provide her with the property address and she will let you know if there have been previous land splits on your property.
Sally Williams
If the town finds that your parcel of land still has one or two land splits available, then proceed to the county.
This is the county zoning amendment procedure. (Instructions 5/10/2018)
Here is the county rezoning application. (pdf  5/10/2018)
After your application to the county is complete, the county will send the paperwork to the town to be approved.

You will want to be present at:

1. The town planning committee meeting. They will make a recommendation to the town board, and the board will then consider your request at its next meeting.
2. The town board meeting. 
3. County planning and zoning committee public hearing, after which the committee will make a recommendation to the county of board of supervisors.(Before the hearing, the proposed lot should be clearly marked with flags for the committee visit.)
4. The meeting of the county board of supervisors for final approval.


History of Concord's decision to limit land splits.