Town chairperson or a town supervisor.

For spaying or neutering of pets, the Spay Me Clinic in Sun Prairie is a low-cost option.

Wisconsin State Law requires yearly licensing of all dogs over 5 months of age Dog License Applications are accepted from January 1st thru March 31st. Any Application after April 1st will be considered delinquent and will be charged an additional $5 00 penalty. To apply for a Dog License please follow these simple steps

1.  Obtain a Current Veterinary Certificate
The Certificate MUST include the following information
   _ Proof of Rabies vaccination
   _ Name of Dog
   _ Sex of Dog
   _ Breed
   _ Color
2.  Determine Dog License Fee from the following chart
    Unaltered Males    $ 8 00
    Unaltered Females $ 8 00
    Neutered Males    $ 4 00
    Spayed Females   $ 4 00
    Kennel License    $35 00

3.  Mail the Veterinary Certificate from Step (1), the Exact License Fee from Step (2), and a stamped self-addressed envelope to

James H. Zastrow, Treasurer
N6816 C.T.H. E
Oconomowoc, Wi 53066

After Processing, the Veterinary Certificate and Dog License will be sent via return mail.