Election November 3, 2020

If you haven't already requested an absentee ballot, please do it ASAP to allow enough time for mailing.

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Below is the explanatory statement for the County Referendum that is on the November ballot.

Explanatory Statement

Under Article IV, Section 3 of the Wisconsin Constitution, district boundaries for congressional and state legislative districts must be reviewed and adjusted every 10 years after a census. This requires legislative action by the state senate, assembly and governor, with district boundaries determined based on the number of Wisconsin inhabitants reported in the census. Historically, if one political party is in control, the resulting congressional and state legislative district boundaries have been subject to partisan influence. This referendum asks voters if the current method for determining district boundaries should be replaced with a nonpartisan method.

A “YES” vote means that the voter supports the creation of an independent nonpartisan commission for establishing congressional and state legislative district boundaries.

A “NO” vote means that the voter supports continuing the current process for establishing congressional and state legislative district boundaries through action by the Wisconsin state senate, assembly and Governor.



Jefferson County COVID Tracker

The Jefferson County dashboard gives statistics for Jefferson County, excluding Watertown. (Because Watertown spans Jefferson and Dodge Counties, their data are reported differently. See Watertown's own health department, linked at the bottom of the page.




Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan Update

Jefferson County is doing the twenty-year update of the county comprehensive plan. The plan is a very important part of maintaining our high quality of life in Jefferson County. 

The County, with input from residents and stakeholders, is working to update two of its long-range planning documents that outline strategies for growth and preservation of our county’s assets and resources. These meetings will offer the public an opportunity to provide input that will be used to inform the future of Jefferson County. The plans will cover the topics of land use; agricultural, natural, and cultural resources; transportation; housing; economic development; community facilities; and intergovernmental cooperation.

Please visit the Plan website for additional information.
For more information contact:
Ben Wehmeier, County Administration, 920-674-7101
Matt Zangl, Director of Planning and Zoning, 920-674-8638

If you are looking for Concord meeting agenda or minutes, click on “Town Meeting Agenda/Minutes” above.

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Community Center Rentals

Beverly Stendel is now coordinating use of the Community Center. For details click on Community Center, then the Community Center rental form.