Invitation To Bid - Town of Concord, Jefferson County

The Town of Concord, Jefferson County is accepting sealed bids for Seal Coating and thin lift Asphalt wedging of various roads. Please click the links for details.

For the "Keep it Rural" County legal case start here

The town of Concord is not involved in this lawsuit. This is included on the website because the outcome will impact the potential for new development in Concord: whether our comprehensive plan is followed--the plan that reflects Concord residents' wishes as expressed at meetings and on the survey.

Concord Comprehensive Plan Ten-Year Update

Jefferson County and Our Town Plan

Jefferson County in a court filing Friday admitted it is required to follow town plans when taking land out of farmland preservation. So our (Concord town) plan has value. There are still some unsettled issues about the boat storage rezoning. Read more

The updated Concord Comprehensive Plan was adopted on November 23, 2022 

Community Center Rentals

Beverly Stendel is now coordinating use of the Community Center. For details click on Community Center, then the Community Center rental form.


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