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Concord Comprehensive Plan Ten-Year Update

Jefferson County and Our Town Plan

Jefferson County in a court filing Friday admitted it is required to follow town plans when taking land out of farmland preservation. So our (Concord town) plan has value. There are still some unsettled issues about the boat storage rezoning. Read more

The updated Concord Comprehensive Plan was adopted on November 23, 2022

Below are copies of the final version of the updated town plan.  Take a look at the plan. There are some interesting facts about Concord. Did you know that wood is the third most popular home heating fuel in Concord behind natural gas and propane?

Updated Concord Comprehensive Plan (pdf)

Questionnaire Results

A questionnaire was mailed to all Concord residents with mailboxes. The questionnaire had a question about limiting business (other than home occupations) to the area around the I-94 interchange (the hamlet) as it has been for years. As of now (Oct. 23rd), 245 questionnaires have been returned out of 794 mailed. Of those, 201 (82%) indicated they would like to keep Concord rural the way it is, while 37 (16%) indicated they would like to see non-ag business development anywhere in Concord. Seven returned questionnaires didn't check either box or make it clear where they stand. Many people also wrote comments, and from those it strongly appears that most people in Concord want Concord to stay much the way it is when it comes to business development. Here are the the questionnaires sorted by:

Do not support non-home business outside the Hamlet/business district near the I-94 and Hwy F (201)

Do support non-home business outside the Hamlet/business district near the I-94 and Hwy F (37)

Questionnaires that were ambiguous (7)

Results from other questions on the survey


At the back of the Concord town park we have been piling wood from the dead ash trees removed from Concord roads. You are welcome to make firewood out of these trees. At the present the trees are in a big pile, but if there is interest, some of the better firewood logs could be separated out of the pile to allow better access to them.

Concord T-Shirts

There is a great selection of Concord T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and women's tank tops available for purchase. Click Here 

Community Center Rentals

Beverly Stendel is now coordinating use of the Community Center. For details click on Community Center, then the Community Center rental form.


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