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The lawsuit is only about requiring the county to follow the Concord Town Plan when acting as our (Concord's) zoning authority, which state law and the county plan seem to say it should. The Concord Town Plan is the tool Concord residents have for deciding what their town will look and feel like. The Town of Concord is spending about $27000 to update our plan. If the county as our zoning authority is allowed to ignore the town plan, that money and Concord's residents' ability to have a say in the land use in Concord are largely lost. If Concord residents come up with additional actions to help convince the county to follow the Concord Town Plan and you would like to know how you might help, click the button below to be on the contact list.
The only way the town currently has to contact Concord residents is by postal mail. The present cost of mailing a single-page flier is about $500. So we don't send many mailings. Of course, if we (the town) had an email list, that would avoid the mailing cost and make it much easier to keep people informed. If you'd like to receive emails about town happenings (such as the picnic), please click the box here.