March 23, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with Plan Commission members Jim Gilbert, Lloyd Zastrow, Sally Williams, and Kim Miller present. Carole Hoffmeister was absent.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sally Williams stated that the meeting had been properly posted.

Jim Gilbert made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 26,2022 meeting, seconded by Kim Miller. All approved. Motion passed.

Item 1: David Beres presented a petition to rezone an existing 3.58-acre lot at W158 Concord Center Dr. (pin #
006-0716-1344-002) from A-3 to A-2. He also requested a Conditional Use permit for the same property to allow for storage of contractor's equipment and materials for a landscaping business. A similar petition to rezone 2.17 acres at the rear of the lot was approved by the town in 2017, This petition was never finalized and the property was never rezoned. Mr. Beres wants to replace 2 buildings that are used for storage and are unsafe with 1 large 4000sf building. He said the zoning office told him he had to rezone the whole lot in order to do that. Upon discussion, Mr. Beres will only be using the buildings in the back of the lot and is not proposing any business use for the house or the front area of the lot. Based on this, and to be consistent with the town plan in allowing storage only and no business operations onsite, the Plan Commission recommended rezoning only the 2.17 acres proposed in the original petition. Sally Williams will check with the zoning office as to why they indicated the whole lot had to be rezoned.

Two neighbors attending the meeting. They said that burning of landscaping debris on the property is a nuisance. Otherwise, they have no complaints.

Sally Williams made a motion to approve rezoning of 2.17 acres at the back of the lot to A-2 as per the original
petition in 2017 (shaded area on the map submitted with the petition). Second by Kim Miller. All approved. Motion passed.

Kim Miller made a motion to approve the Conditional Use permit for storage of contractor's equipment with the following conditions - this is storage only, no disposal or burning of job waste onsite, no business operations onsite, no outdoor storage of equipment. Second by Lloyd Zastrow. All approved, Motion passed.

Mr. Beres was informed that he will need to check with the village of Summit as the property is in their extraterritorial plat review area.

Item 3: Discuss Comprehensive Plan update. Steering committee is meeting to coordinate update - anyone can participate. Postcards have been sent out to all residents regarding public input meetings. First public input meeting is tomorrow night at 7 pm. All planning information is updated regularly in the website.

With no further business, Sally made a motion to adjourn at 8:02, second by Jim. Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Sally Williams, secretary

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Thursday, July 28, 2022 - 11am