Concord Town Board Minutes (Feb. 10, 2014)


State of Wisconsin
Town of Concord February 10, 2014
The regular monthly meeting of the Town of Concord was called to order by Chairman Bill Ingersoll with Ted Mueller, Lloyd Zastrow, Brian Neumann and Jim Zastrow present. Bill led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Brian certified that the meeting had been properly posted. The Board approved a Zastrow/Mueller motion to accept the agenda as presented.
Bill Ingersoll welcomed representatives from the Sullivan Fire Department. Bill presented that the Town of Concord and the Sullivan Fire Department have reached an agreement to continue having the Sullivan Fire Department keep the same service in our community for 2014. There was general discussion around the Sullivan Fire Department billing their customers versus directly billing the Town of Concord. This was the last issue that has been settled and a contract should be signed very soon.
Brian Neumann, Clerk, read the minutes from the January board meeting; the Board approved a Mueller/Zastrow motion to accept the minutes as corrected.
Lloyd Zastrow, Plan Committee Chair, gave an update from the Plan Committee. The committee did not meet so there was nothing new to share at this time.
Jim Zastrow, Treasurer, stated in his report that there is a balance of $257.03 in the General Fund, $1,055,550.75 in the Money Market Account and $43,892.38 in the Equipment Fund CD; the Board approved a Zastrow/Mueller motion to accept the report as read.
The Board approved an Ingersoll/Zastrow motion to pay the bills as presented.
Bret Owsky and Chris Hess from the DNR addressed the board about the DNR property on Inlynd Drive. There was general discussion between the residents of the Town of Concord and the DNR in regards to Inlynd Drive creating a public road access. With neither side being able to come to an agreement, the Town of Concord and the DNR decided to research next steps.
The board approved a Mueller/Zastrow motion to give the county approval on the proposed amendments of the Mobile Tower Siting and the Adaptive Reuse of Barns. The board declines the motions of Revocation of Conditional Use Permit and Non-conforming Uses, Structures and Lots due to not enough information. Motion carried.
Steve Tutzke, Head Chief at the Dousman EMS gave a general update to the board on their service of our community. Dousman EMS started their service in Concord on January 1st, 2014. So far things are going as expected if not better than expected.
Judge Dave Wambach, our current circuit judge, addressed the board and the audience. He introduced himself and asked for our support for his re-election on April 1st.
The board approved an Ingersoll/Zastrow motion to donate the rental of the Concord Community Center to Sustain Jefferson County for their workshops. This is a standing motion for all future workshops. The next workshop is coming up on March 29th.
With no further business, the Board approved an Ingersoll/Zastrow motion to adjourn.
Respectfully submitted,
Brian Neumann, Clerk