Waste Disposal

Jefferson County Sweep Program (Hazardous waste collection)


PHONE: 920-261-1488

Saturday 8:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
Wednesday 2:00 P.M. TO 6:00 P.M. 

Garbage - $7.00 Minimum and Additional $1.00/30 Gallon Bag - Garbage Fees based upon Volume assessed by attendant.
Electronic waste - Computer Monitors - $5, TV's 27" and Under - $12, TV's 27"+ - $20
CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS – $25 Minimum and $25/yard thereafter assessed by volume
Spa - $65
Brush/yard waste - $1.50/bag and $15/yard - Assessed by volume, all brush must be 4 feet or less
Sofas, mattresses & boxsprings - $12
Large sofas - $30.00, Small sofas - $10
Carpet/Foam Pad - $25 / Cubic Yard
Car tires - $3.00, truck tires - $6.00, tractor tires - $25.00, heavy duty equipment tires - $50.00 ($5.00 extra for rims)
Lead acid batteries - no charge
Riding and push lawn mowers must have tires removed; If not removed, $20 charge will be assessed.
Iron, steel or wire with wood, rubber, plastic, etc. must be removed
Glass bottles and jars rinsed and caps removed; lablels may stay on
Plastic #1 - #7 are accepted; they must be loose and not tied or in plastic bags - #2 oil bottles and coolant bottles are not allowed
Tin and bi-metal cans - rinsed - need not be flattended
Aluminum cans - need not be flattened
Cardboard - must be flattened
Newspaper - loose or in paper bags only
Magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper - loose, not bundled
Oil - not contaminated with gas, fuel oil, antifreeze, etc and must be poured into tank immediately
Oil filters - drained and placed into designated container
Any Appliance (with or without freon)
anything with an electircal cord
Items not accepted
Commercial waste
Hazardous waste
Rail road ties
Broken concrete
LP bottles
Appliances with freon
Paint (unless dried and solid)
Gas cans