Plan Com. Minutes (July 28, 2015)


July 28, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with Jim Gilbert, Lloyd Zastrow, Sally Williams, Carole Hoffmeister , and Laura Callison present.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sally Williams stated that the meeting had been properly posted.

Jim Gilbert made a motion to approve the minutes from the June 23, 2015 meeting seconded by Carole Hoffmeister. Motion passed.

Item 1: Thomas Anfang, N4589 Pioneer Dr., requested review and approval for the following preliminary CSMs:

  • To create (4) 2 acre A-3 parcels from A-1 parcel # 006-0716-3211-001 on the northeast corner of Pioneer Dr. and Rocky Ln. This proposal transfers the development rights form parcels 006-0716-3212-001 & 006-0716-3213-000 to parcel # 006-0716-3211-001.
  • To create (1) 6 acre A-3 lot and (1) 10.7 acre Natural Resource parcel from a 40 acre A-1 parent parcel # 006-0716-3214-000 south of Rocky Ln.
  • To create (1) 3 acre A-3 farm consolidation parcel at N5207 Pioneer Dr. from A-1 parcel #s 006-0716-3212-001 & 006-0716-3213-000.

Jim Gilbert made a motion to recommend approval of the preliminary CSMs as presented, seconded by Laura Callison. Motion passed.

Item 2: Earl & Leona Curran, N6122 Grey Fox Tr., requested review and approval of a preliminary CSM to create a 3.23 acre R-2 parcel with existing residence and a 2.0 acre R-2 vacant lot from a 5.23 acre R-2 parcel #006-0716-1534-003. Carole Hoffmeister made a motion to recommend approval of the preliminary CSM as presented, seconded by Jim Gilbert. Motion passed.

Item 3: Jeff & Sandy Leverenz requested approval for the following:

  • To create a 2 acre farm consolidation parcel from a 22 acre A-1 parent parcel at W346 Concord Center Dr., # 006-0716-1334-000.
  • To create a 5 acre farm consolidation parcel at W158 Concord Center Dr., a 2 acre A-3 lot, and a 1.5 acre A-3 lot from 50 acre A-1 parent parcel #s 006-0716-1344-002 & 006-0716-1343-000. Changes to this proposal as presented were discussed as follows: the north property line of the 1.5 acre parcel may be modified to extend all the way to the Road right-of-way along Delafield Rd. The north property line of the 5 acre farm consolidation parcel would then extend from the NW corner of the 1.5 acre lot and run straight west.

Sally Williams made a motion to recommend approval of the lots splits as presented or with the modifications discussed, seconded by Jim Gilbert. Motion passed.

Item 4: The Boat House, represented by realtor Pete Gross and sales manager Dick Haeckel, requested review of a proposal to obtain a conditional use permit for boat storage on a 6 acre Community zoned parcel #006-0716-1641-003 at the NW corner of CTH-F & CTH-B. The proposal called for the construction of 7 storage buildings 81’ x 148’ x 30’ high.

The business proposal: 40-50 boats could be stored in each building for a total potential storage capacity of 280 to 350 boats.  Customers would not be received at the facility; boats to be stored would be transported to & from the site by Boat House employees. High volume times would be from April 1 to June 1 when boats are moved out of storage and again from Sept. 15 to Nov. 1 when boats are moved into storage. Initially no employees would remain onsite. In the future the business may expand to provide some boat servicing onsite and would then have employees onsite during business hours.

A rough site plan was presented and some concerns were as follows:

  • The property would not accommodate the number of buildings proposed due to a floodplain area in the NE corner
  • The entire lot is low and there is concern about the number of buildings and adequate drainage of the lot especially in spring.
  • The need and space for an onsite septic/ mound system was not addressed. The site has not been evaluated for an onsite septic.
  • Setbacks from the road right-of-way were not adequate as drawn.
  • The plan commission would like to see landscaping as part of the site plan. This would include some type of “green screen” along the south, west, and north property lines and possibly a berm along the front of the property.
  • The plan commission would like to see a more detailed business plan.

The Boat House will further evaluate the lot, amend the site plan to account for drainage, the flood plain, septic, and landscaping, and develop a more detailed business plan. A special meeting is scheduled for 5pm, Aug. 7 to review this proposal. (Note: this special meeting was subsequently canceled and The Boat House will present its revised proposal at the next regular Plan Commission meeting on Aug. 25 @ 7pm.)

Laura Callison made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Carole Hoffmeister. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Williams, secretary